Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Enjoy sports? or Recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?

Yesterday, Governor Scott Walker recommended cutting state spending on building projects for the next two years. He proposes putting off many large projects and spending only $1.1 billion, a 28.8% reduction.
Walker's capital budget is lower than the $1.2 billion approved in the 2007-'09 capital budget, says the Wall Street Journal. What made the cut? Among the projects he "green lights":
• Athletics house. One of the bigger projects forwarded to Walker is a request by UW-Madison for a new $76.8 million building that would house programs for the Athletic Department, the College of Engineering and a clinic for the UW Hospital and Clinics. It would be paid with borrowing and $27.6 million in gifts or grants.
The project - to be called the Badger Performance Center...would provide space for the Athletic Department, with a sports medicine clinic operated by UW Hospital and Clinics on the third floor. The fourth floor would provide space for the College of Engineering's Computer-Aided Engineering Center.
Space in the new building's lower level would house new locker facilities for the football team. The first and second levels would also house a new strength and conditioning center...

Perhaps taking a tip from Nero's Rome, Walker's plan may try to entertain the populace, to distract the public with sports spectacles and wining games from strong and conditioned teams (who have nice locker facilities). Might Wisconsin forget that they are losing their financial lives to their corporate owners--the ones who no longer owe them any negotiations over wages and benefits?

From what I've seen from Wisconsin so far, if that's Walker's plan--it ain't gonna work.

from Ballot Access News » Wisconsin Preparations Already Being Made for Recall of Governor Scott Walker

"... even though the petition can’t start to circulate until January 3, 2012. An anti-Walker web page says already 149,000 people have signed a pledge to sign the petition, as soon as it can circulate. The petition will need about 540,000 signatures."


"In the meantime, recall petitions are circulating now for half the Wisconsin State Senate. Senators have four year terms and half of them are subject to recall petitioning now."

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Vicente Duque said...

Two VIDEOs, pettiness bitterness of Russell Pearce : removing the benches in the shadow of trees and close to a memorial to victims of violence in Phoenix, because Latinos, the Old, "Transplants" and Handicapped used to gather there to analyze politics

Is this against freedom of speech or just the harassing of a great fool and moron ?? - The benches were the gathering point of Latinos in Phoenix to protest the Racism, also the Old, the crippled and those that have been denied transplants.

Russell Pearce has a blacklist of people that have been eternally banned and ousted from the Capitol Building in Phoenix, even if they have not committed acts of violence or disrespect. Is this a violation of Free Speech ??

Russell Pearce is undergoing big defeats :

Now, the Arizona Senate rejected his new Racist Bills, after Arizona Business closed ranks against Pearce and his Bigotry, Racial Profiling and persecution of non-Whites - Those businessmen sent a letter to Russell Pearce denouncing his policies of Blatant Racism.

60 Great Arizona Businesses protested against Russell Pearce : US Airways, PetSmart, Sunbelt Holdings, Intel Corp, The Arizona Republic. The Who is Who of Arizona Business against Racism and anti-Hispanic Bigotry

Uploaded by activistausa on Mar 7, 2011

After protesting Russell Pearce for 10 days, after watching the Walk of life with transplant patients protesting at the Arizona State Capitol, I was shocked to find the benches I and the handicapped sat on gone!

Russell Pearce or "someone", had the benches removed. How far is Pearce willing to go??

Did Russell Pearce Deny Seating To The Handicapped?


Uploaded by WhatABCs on Mar 16, 2011

Russell Pearce removes memorial to domestic violence youth