Sunday, March 13, 2011

Response to "8 Murders a Day" movie

Truthfully, I anticipated that attending 8 Murders a Day, Charlie Minn's new documentary on the last four years of unrelenting violence in Juarez and throughout Mexico, was simply a duty I needed to do. I braced as I anticipated the pain of watching on the big screen the unrelenting horror that I experience in little pieces every day simply by living a mile away--safely positioned on the other side of the border wall.

I had the opposite experience.

To see truth, to hear truth so freely and unequivocally expressed was liberating and exhilarating. The movie validated the perspectives I've formed over the last four years living in El Paso (albeit part-time)--in the front row seats to the horror show that is the so-called "drug war" in Juarez.

The "drug war" is a totally f**ked up economic and political phenomenon that is killing thousands of innocent people.

I give 8 Murders a Day my heartiest recommendation. Do not miss this documentary if you get a chance to see it. If you can't view it, at least you can watch the trailer here:

and another short clip that features the director:

from the movie website--the abstract:
Since January 2008, the Juarez drug cartel, led by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, has been in a turf war against the Sinoloa drug cartel, led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. This war is for the coveted smuggling routes into the USA. The Americans demand for illegal drugs has led countless weapons and cash to enter into Mexico in exchange for these drugs. This documentary investigates the current situation in Juarez, which has now become the murder capital of the world because of this turf battle. In 2007, the city of Juarez averaged less than one murder per day. Today, it is over 8 murders a day and counting. Interviews with print and television journalists, acclaimed authors, and college professors help look into perhaps the greatest human-rights disaster in the world today, with no apparent end in sight.

Finally: A real movie review of 8 Murders a Day--from the New York Times.

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Liberality said...

I will check out this documentary when I see it. The war on drugs is a lie just as the war on terror is a lie.