Monday, March 14, 2011

Wisconsin Senator Scott Fitzgerald disenfranchises Wisconsin 14 (& citizens of 14 WI districts)

Breaking News from Wisconsin: Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has disenfranchized the Wisconsin 14 by removing their voting privileges in standing committees. He has thereby removed elected representation from the citizens in their districts. His email below appears on the site:

Sen. Fitzgerald: Email re: Senate Democrat voting privileges in standing committees


From: Sen.Fitzgerald
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 3:52 PM
To: *Legislative Senate Republicans
Subject: Senate Democrat voting privileges in standing committees

Dear Members,

With the return of the Senate Democrats this weekend, questions have arisen regarding Democrat members’ participation in Senate standing committee public hearings and executive sessions.

Please note that all 14 Democrat senators are still in contempt of the Senate. Therefore, when taking roll call votes on amendments and bills during executive sessions, Senate Democrats’ votes will not be reflected in the Records of Committee Proceedings or the Senate Journal. They are free to attend hearings, listen to testimony, debate legislation, introduce amendments, and cast votes to signal their support/opposition, but those votes will not count, and will not be recorded.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact my office.

Thank you,

Scott Fitzgerald
Senate Majority Leader
13th Senate District 


Fran said...

Whoah! I tried to find this story on mainstream news, but all I could find is Charlie Sheen & Lindsey Lohan "news". It got worse "Woman carries monkey in bra", and "Gottfried fired as voice of Aflac duck" & other assorted garbage.

This escalates the assault on democracy & the process. The GOP in Wisconsin is punishing those who walked out, like kids who are grounded. The majority of voters cheered the "Wisconsin 14" for taking a stand.

The "news" is dumbed down & something this important never makes it to the headlines.

Shaking my head in disgust.

Border Explorer said...

Fran, thanks for adding that (unfortunately very credible) research to this post. I stopped watching televised news long ago. My mainstay is Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, following primary sources on social media and counting on blogger friends like you. You're one of the best, IMHO.

claire said...

Billie, I wonder where is the Catholic Church hiding right now. The events in Wisconsin go straight against the Catholic Social Teaching (the earlier ones).
Why the silence? Why the absence of outrage?
I don't understand. I guess it is part of the Lenten weight to see us mute and powerless.
Thank you so much for standing for justice!

okjimm said...

Ya, what fun..... There was nothing in our local paper.... I first heard this late yesterday afternoon. Just about all the State Daily Papers are Gannett, printed mostly from one Central location in East Central Wisconsin.
* The Post-Crescent, Appleton
* The Reporter, Fond du Lac
* Green Bay Press-Gazette
* Herald Times Reporter, Manitowoc
* Marshfield News-Herald
* Oshkosh Northwestern, Oshkosh
* The Sheboygan Press
* Stevens Point Journal
* Wausau Daily Herald
* Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, Wisconsin Rapids
It seems that the Repubs are timing things to make sure that they cannot make the morning news.

Gannett's flagship is USA Today... specializing in watery condensed stories.
Thank goodness for blogs...

While there is a fair amount of local editorial freedom... the news ain't what it used to be.

Sherry said...

I read this earlier today. I'm just appalled at what is going on across the country with these GOP bills just screwing with all working people and women. This is but another example fo the GOP attempt to gain all power unto themselves in service of their masters, corporations. This is a real conspiracy to undermine democracy.

Border Explorer said...

Clarie: Yes, this is a clear application of Catholic social teaching. The U.S. Catholic bishops have spoken:
Catholic Bishops Back Wisconsin Union Protesters

Yes, Jim, there's not much news in the news these days. #wiunion tweeters have consistently lamented the lack of national coverage. Thanks for that info on Wisconsin newspapers. Looks like Gannett has almost a monopoly. :-(

Sherry, that's not an overstatement. Well said! Wisconsin is doing the best it can, but it can't fight the battle alone.

Thanks to you all for your contributions to this post!