Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New over-the-phone language interpretation breaks old barriers at school


A new program contacted me to share that they offer Instant, over-the-phone interpretation to help schools reach out to parents in over 170 languages. TransACT will offer its customers -- now in about one quarter of the nation's school districts -- immediate access to over-the-phone interpretation services for registration and welcome center events, parent meetings, parent-teacher conferences and disciplinary hearings.

TransACT is a partnership born of Language Line Services, an established interpretation and translation service, and TransACT Communications, a company that helps K-12 school districts deal with compliance issues in communicating with limited-English speaking parents.

"Language Line Services shares our mutual goal of breaking down any barriers to parent involvement, one of the most important factors in improving schools and student performance," said Rick Passovoy, president and CEO of TransACT Communications. "School districts rely on our expertise, and now we have eliminated the language barrier by making conference calls or face-to-face meetings with parents available in any of 170 languages."

Language Line Services currently works with 95 percent of the 911/emergency market in the United States, as well as businesses, government agencies and banks. TransACT, meanwhile, offers Web-based solutions to more than 3,500 school districts nationwide to help meet federal parent notification requirements, with forms and documents available in up to 20 languages.

“Language should not be a dividing line, especially when it comes to the education of our children,“ states Louis Provenzano, President & CEO of Language Line Services.

I did not receive any recompense for this blog post. As a former educator, I found TransACT’s service both intriguing and useful. I could have put this to good use in dealing with refugee families from Viet Nam. As technology progresses, I hope we see increasing ease in communicating across the divisive Tower of Babel-type language lines.


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