Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interactive U.S. map: Population growth of people of color (1990-2040)

By 2042, "minorities" will comprise the majority of the United States population. People of color will outnumber the rest. The process is underway. Already this decade the majority of young people are people of color.

The map (above) by PolicyLink indicates that the entire face of the nation will reflect the change. As the map changes to reflect the decades between 1990-2040, the counties in darker orange represent those in which people of color are in the majority.

The map of the future: rise up and meet it with joy and gladness!


RealityZone said...

The Koch Klan Klub is well aware of these numbers.
This is one of their greatest fears.
This is why they are trying to re-engineer our social society as fast as possible.
Their fear of not having an Ozzie and Harriet world is driving them insane.
Can any one tell me what Ozzie did for a living? :-) LOL

Border Explorer said...

LOL at your KKK, RZ! But, you're spot-on target with the point you make; I agree completely.

Fear keeps people apart. But fear of the unknown can be addressed and dismantled. Ultimately, we can choose our attitude: cower in the face of change, or embrace it.

Charlene said...

I used to tell my grandmother, who was born in 1882 and spoke about the Civil War as recent history, that there would not be peace amongst all Americans until we were all brown. She was shocked. I told her the first mistake she and my mom made was letting me read.

Thank you for publishing these maps.

Border Explorer said...

That was a precocious and prophetic thought, Charlene. Your story really struck me. Thanks for sharing it.

Joseph de Lange said...

In the ever increasing mix up of races and cultures all color changes and all of humanity will be colored. Even the racial purists will have a hard time maintaining their original color. Social engineering may make for messy situations but cannot stop this development. It is perhaps as interesting to look at a map of an overall change of color rather than the above shown map of the increase in numbers of colored people. Hate that expression "colored people". Everyone is colored one color or another.

Border Explorer said...

"Everyone is colored one color or another." Yes, good point.
I'd like to see more extensive and complex maps like this one, too.
Thanks for your comment, Joseph.