Monday, May 9, 2011

Now Arizona wants to build its own border wall

Some Arizona lawmakers want to build more fence along the border with Mexico - whether the federal government thinks it's necessary or not.

In fact, now they've got a plan that could get a project started. It uses Internet donations and prison labor. If they can solicit enough money, all they need is cooperation from landowners before construction could begin.

Gov. Jan Brewer recently signed a bill that will launch a website to raise money for the project, according to Maricopa County's first-term Republican state Senator Steve Smith, the bill's sponsor.

Arizona, like many U.S. states is currently mired in a budget crisis. Yet it is using public donations to pay for its legal defense of the SB1070 illegal immigration law, a legislation effort of dubious constitutionality.

Part of the marketing pitch for donations could include providing certificates declaring that individual contributors "helped build the Arizona wall," Smith says.


Thomas said...

They can't afford to pay Americans to do the work, so they're going to force prisoners to do it. Couldn't they just hire- ohhhhh, right, I guess not. ;)

Robert Rouse said...

And if land owners disagree and refuse will Arizona try to implement some sort of imminent domain?

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