Friday, June 10, 2011

Alabama to Arizona: I'll see your "SB 1070" and raise you an "HB 56"

Yesterday, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed HB 56, a draconian law that takes immigration enforcement far beyond Arizona’s SB 1070. This makes Arizona the strictest state to-date, as the effort to regulate immigration drops from the federal to state level in the new game of "U.S. immigration poker."

While Alabama's new law mimics SB 1070 by requiring local law enforcement to verify peoples’ immigration status during a stop, it also hits new lows. It forces public schools to make students and their parents provide proof of legal status, turning school administrators into immigration officers. [And violating federal law!] The law also contains a broadly defined provision making it a crime to knowingly rent to, transport, or harbor unauthorized immigrants, as well as requiring employers to use E-verify.  Alabama now joins Arizona, Utah, Indiana, and Georgia in passing costly immigration enforcement laws.

To make matters worse, Governor Bentley, much like Governor Deal in neighboring Georgia, is turning a blind eye to the state’s $586 million FY2011 budget shortfall—a deficit that is bound to grow in light of this costly enforcement law. Yesterday, the ACLU and several civil rights groups announced a forthcoming legal challenge to Alabama’s immigration law. To date, Arizona has already spent $1.9 million defending its law, key provisions of which were blocked by a federal judge, not to mention the millions Arizona has already lost in cancelled conferences and tourism revenue. 

Arizona has demonstrated that using a “get tough” immigration law to drive unauthorized immigrants out of the state is not only costly, discriminatory, and unconstitutional; it also does nothing to actually solve our larger immigration problems. In its lawsuit challenging Arizona's SB1070 the federal government rightly asserted its authority over national immigration policy. 

What continues to be missing is Congressional action. Until Congress acts to fulfill its constitutional role in creating a functional immigration system, states will continue to look for ways to fill the leadership vacuum.

When will Congress step up to the plate? All bets are off on that one. 


Charlene said...

The southern states just hate not being the lowest common denominator. Recently, like yesterday, I read an analysis of recent immigrnats and found they are much more educated and skilled than most people beieve.

Border Explorer said...

Charlene, I love your comments! Right you are, and here it is...(for the next reader who comes along):

College-educated immigrants now exceed the share of immigrants without high-school diplomas, marking a significant shift in the education level of the nation's immigrant population, a new report shows.

Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Billie for Humanity and Kindness !


VIDEO, Young Turks - Can you believe it ??, a Governor that does not want kids to go to School ?? - Michael Shure breaks down a harsh new illegal immigration law in Alabama. - The State with the worst History in Civil Rights wants to repeat History - Racist and Classist Laws in USA 2011 !

All this Alabama Racism has a partisan and electoral motivation to go against President Obama and the Democrats. This new Alabama Law has Zero Constitutionality.

And Michael Shure talks of the Despicable deceptions of Right Wingers trying to get the Latino Votes. Like telling the most vulgar and filthy lies about Planned Parenthood, Birth Control, Abortions, etc ...

According to Michael there should be an outrage about this !

Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on Jun 10, 2011

Crazy Alabama Immigration Law


Vicente Duque said...

Dear Billie :

This is extremely comical and funny :

While his enemies practice "Dirty Tricks" like in Alabama. President Obama is in a "Tropical Vacation" to North Carolina, Miami and Puerto Rico. Clue to the Riddle : North Carolina also has a good number of Latinos.

Obama in Puerto Rico is an effort to build some security into the president’s reelection bid at a time when the economy remains wildly unpredictable. Hispanics may be Obama's Life Insurance

Politicians from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx know that visiting Puerto Rico brings a lot of votes in New York. But Obama aims beyond New York State, which he wins very easily !


No wonder that Mr Obama is compared very frequently to Felix, the Cat.