Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VIDEO: Performance artist "erases" U.S.-Mexico border wall

The artist creates an alternative reality. In this video, performance artist Ana Teresa Fernandez creates an alternative for the border wall at the U.S.-Mexico border in Playas de Tijuana. Almost magically, through her art--she "erased" that wall on June 14, 2011.

This slide show, entitled "Borrando La Barda/Erasing the Border" and posted on YouTube, documents that feat. Sometimes I hesitate to watch a video that lasts much longer than a minute, but I assure you that this one is well worth your time, particularly if you have reservations about the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

The action starts a little slowly, with the photos taken on the Mexico side of the border wall. The camera records just one incident of interaction with Mexican law-enforcement authorities. About this incident YouTube user "lavinistasrevenge," who posted the video, states:
The only complaint came from bomberos/lifeguard/beach patrol from Tijuana--they were worried about the environmental impact if we were to discard paint or solvents into the sand. So they told Ana to "finish the part she started" and they did not return.

The video condenses the performance event that lasted over four hours. According to "lavinistasrevenge,"
the encounters that emerged naturally from the situation were priceless.
"Priceless," also, is the conclusion of the video, particularly for anyone who has ever raged against the border wall. Magically, the artist "erases" it! It is an amazing, almost breath-taking process. Inspiring. Hope-filled.

Photographer Jill Holslin deserves honors for creating powerful images that add subtle commentary, at times. I enjoyed her documentation of the paint: Martha [Stewart] Living®.

Walls do not remain. This one is not an exception. It will come down. The artist is a prophet.

And I love that she does this in high heels!


laviniasrevenge said...

Hi there, and thanks so much for posting this on your blog! I'm Jill Holslin, the photographer and I'm also laviniasrevenge, the creator of the video. You can find my blog entry at Ana Teresa is fantastic... this project was very provocative, as is her other work.

Billie Greenwood said...

Jill, thanks for producing and posting this video so Ana Teresa's work could receive a wider audience. This is an extraordinary work of art. Thanks, too, for joining the Border Explorer page on Facebook and for your contributions there. I feel very fortunate to meet you.

fan of Gaia said...

This artist has turned a barrier into a gateway. I also loved the idea of her in heels on a ladder.