Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flash Flood takes out 40' of Arizona Border Wall

Arizona Daily Star photo illustration: Original story HERE

Rainwater rushing through a wash took out 40 feet of the U.S.-Mexico border fence in Southwest Arizona's Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Bad engineering is partially responsible.
According to the Arizona Daily Star:
The design does not allow for the free flow of water in natural washes intersecting the border, [Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Superintendent Lee Baiza] said. In washes, the fence has grate openings at the bottom that are 6 inches high and 24 inches wide with 1-by-3-inch bars."The fence acts as a dam and forms a gradual waterfall," Baiza said. "It starts to pile up on the bottom as the grass, the leaves, the limbs start plugging up. The water starts backing up and going higher. The higher it gets, the more force it has behind it."
Matt Clark, Southwest representative for Defenders of Wildlife, says that the washout shows that Homeland Security ignored expert advice in order to push the border-fencing agenda. Pipe Organ officials had warned them of the design problem.

A further problem, according to Clark as quoted in the Arizona Daily Star, is that the wall interferes with the natural environment: "Flooding is a very visual and physical reminder that walls block ecosystem processes. There are major costs both fiscally and environmentally to building walls across watersheds."

The fence costs $7.5 Million per mile to build, according to an Army Core of Engineer estimate. Total costs in some areas can run over a whopping $16 Million per mile. [For more detailed info see No Border Wall blog.] The fence should last about 20 years, and it'll cost $6.5 Billion to keep it up during that time.

Unsatisfied with that expenditure, the state of Arizona is currently collecting private money from across the nation to build their own state wall along the border.

However, according to former Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard, the border wall is counter-productive to fighting crime. Walls can't stop transnational criminal operations (TCOs). The border wall, therefore, does not promote U.S. security. "It is a fraud.," he baldly states.

You can't fool Mother Nature. She seems to think the wall is ineffective, too.

--My little protest music video on the U.S.-Mexico border wall.--


One Fly said...

These people are so arrogant and smug it is only themselves they listen to.

All that happened with this was that the same rich people made even more.

Fran said...

Mother Nature had somethin' to say about border walls.
A part of me always hopes someday they have to evacuate Gitmo & Mother Nature disassembles it.

This is a 2007 article about fixing the fence

an average patriot said...

That wall is just a small example of the Govt's facade of concern. I wish it would all wash away it is worthless. Oh yeah Hi Billie!

Billie Greenwood said...

Right, One Fly: so much of the "drug war" components profit the military-industrial complex. Parts of the early border wall are actually made out of landing strip material from the Vietman era (you probably knew that). No wonder things don't change, the militarization simply intensifies. And the rich get richer.

Fran: Thanks for your comment, astute as always. I had not thought about Gitmo and hurricanes before. Wow. That's very conceivable. Now I'll go check out your link. Thanks.

Jim, well-said, Sir! It's lip-service and politicking. The ugly fence--I wish I'd all wash away, too. It can't defend us from corruption and injustice.