Sunday, September 11, 2011

Netflix launches service south of the border

Netflix is slated to launch new services in Latin America and the Caribbean. They announced last week that they will provide instant and unlimited movies and TV shows there; Netflix streams video services to computers, game consoles and Internet connected devices for a monthly fee. The Latin American service launched last week in Brazil and will open in 43 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean by tomorrow, September 12. Brazilians, in fact, have immediate and current access to a free, one-month trial to the service in Portugese, available on the company's website.

Netflix service begins in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean tomorrow. In Mexico, the monthly subscription price for unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows over the Internet will be 99 pesos while in the Central America and the Caribbean the price will be US$7.99 per month. In the Caribbean region, Netflix will be available in English and Spanish.

I've been a huge Netflix fan. However, with their recent price increase, I'll be cutting my service package.
A decade ago, In the mountains of Chiapas in Southern Mexico, residents who lived in shacks had access to the latest Hollywood movies, via transmissions that they seemed to be able to intercept--I don't know how. I remember they saw "Gladiator" way before I did. I wonder if they still can do that. They won't need Netflix. Not that they could afford that monthly fee.
When My husband and I discussed the downgrade of our Netflix plan, we worked through some conflict about it. The deciding factor was "need vs. want" and our usage quotient. We just didn't use the streaming services enough to warrant the expenditure. We can afford it, we just don't need it.

I think that's a good criterion on which to make any financial decision.
Source: Netflix, Inc.


Marie Owens said...
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Seth Jared said...
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Billie Greenwood said...

Thanks, Seth. First, with your encouragement, I deleted comment. Hate that spam! Second: what a great point you make on the reliability of Mexican mail vis a vis Netflix delivery! I had not thought of that. I agree: Mexican mail that looks like it could contain something of value goes astray.

I don't know how Netflix' service price change intersects (or doesn't) with the Latin American expansion. But they certainly are in the news often these days.

Thanks much for your comment!

Billie Greenwood said...

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