Thursday, October 13, 2011

A good reason never to say "illegal" immigrant

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"The so-called “illegals” are so not because they wish to defy the law; but, because the law does not provide them with any channels to regularize their status in our country – which needs their labor: they are not breaking the law, the law is breaking them."

~Most Reverend Thomas Wenski, Bishop of Orlando

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Vicente Duque said...

I love and thank the Bishop of Orlando.


U. S. Supreme Court : More delays for USA. v. Arizona, the SB 1070 "papers please" case - SC granted two more writs of certiorari October 11th, SB 1070 not on this list and neither was the writ denied - Supreme Court is delaying or postponing the hot potato of AZ Anti-Immigration Law

And the Court issued 12½ pages of cert denials in their order. The Court granted two more writs of certiorari October 11th. U.S.A. The Circuit Courts are not in agreement in these two cases.
The Supreme Court is lately considering cases where Circuits are split and States are split.

The Supreme Court does not want to be burned with the SB 1070 hot potato. This Political Ticking Bomb can be delayed, so that the Circuit Courts of Appeals generate more jurisprudence and more wisdom on Immigration.

I want to emphasize that the opinion of the Circuits do not create a judicial obligation for the Supreme Court, but otherwise, the opinion of Great Scholars and Studious Sages in the Circuits can not be easily dismissed or thrown out to the Garbage Can. In a certain sense the circuits create a moral and political obligation, a bias or slant for a decision high above in the Supreme Court.

It is an excellent idea not to rush to give decisions on this dangerous case of "Papers Please", this is a political ticking bomb, and even great scholars and sages can make mistakes that will be very costly in the future and generate bad fame and ill disposition in the public for the U. S. Supreme Court. It is a good idea to be prudent and cautious.

For a look at the two new interesting cases that the Supreme Court will consider soon go to this excellent blog on Jurisprudence, Click on the link, please :

Ideas, Observations and Mental Machinations
October 11th Order List is in - USA v. Arizona has not yet gained certiorari - Court will consider cases where Circuits are split and States are split
October 12, 2011


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