Saturday, November 19, 2011 features Border Explorer, a website supporting blog authors, has selected Border Explorer as an Editor's Pick of the Day today.

I really appreciate their recognition and look forward to displaying their Featured bloggers badge on my profile!

Currently, I'm in between my worlds--enroute to El Paso, Texas. I'm exploring another beautiful section of the U.S.-Mexico border today, out in the wilderness--far from internet or cell phone connections! I'm slated to arrive in El Paso tomorrow and look forward to updating the blog then.

Welcome to the blog! Enjoy the entries...I'll return visits as soon as I can!

Thank you very much,! 
Best regards, Billie


Vimal Dwivedi said...

congrats ...I am also in bloggers .voted for you..
you have a great blog..
visit mine>>

Joseph de Lange said...

Definitely deserving! Congratulations!

Ali said...

hola! I recently moved to El Paso and used your blog as one of the many resources to prep myself. I now am a volunteer with the Border Servant Corps and blog at

I'm so very excited you are coming here! Traveling Mercies, Ali

Robert Weller said...

This is what "news" should be. It can help solve our country's problems.

Mimi Lenox said...

Well deserved. And about time!
So glad to see this.

You are such a blessing to the world.
Everyone should read this blog.

Vicente Duque said...

Congratulations Billie !

Every morning I look for "Border Explorer" to read what is new.

Your blog is very intelligent, reasoned and moderate. It is also very human, humane, moral, this is even more important.

Te quiere :


Liberality said...


Vicente Duque said...

Congrats again Billie - I am always your reader

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