Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy El Paso prepares for confontation, extends urgent call for support!

Source: Facebook page for Occupy El Paso
Friends and those who care. Occupy El Paso is facing eviction tomorrow. They have decided to remain in San Jacinto Park. The city has decided to outsource permits for parks to a priavate Corp headed committee.

Occupiers are going to stay in the park and face arrest. For those of you who stand with occupy but cannot be there, please consider a donation to a bail fund set up in this wepay account: Every little bit helps. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our invitation for support in the form of coverage for those that cannot partake in civil disobedience, through video and pictures within their extent,

**but strictly limited to remain outside the perimeters of the park alongside the sidewalk for the sake of not being identified in part of those partaking in civil disobedience.**

We also take this opportunity to extend our invitation in the form of partaking in direct peaceful civil disobedience; where in we urge you to contact your lawyer and or research the knowing of your rights and make your way out to

*San Jacinto Plaza 111 E. Mills

as soon as possible to arrange the following meetings;

1.Know your rights 4 p.m.

2. Legal Consultation with a sympathetic lawyer 5p.m.

3.Civil Disobedience Rehearsal 6 p.m.

 **projected to take place
within the hours of 10 p.m. November the 13 - 1 a.m. November the 14.

4. General Assembly 7 p.m.

5. Coverage Meeting 8 p.m.

Why we are doing civil disobedience:

Know your rights:

Warrant search:

Source  [as shared on Facebook]


Ranch Chimp said...

Damn! I didnt even know there was an Occupy movement in El Paso too! My daughter was in El Paso last week on business and brought me back a copy of the "Juarez- El Paso NOW" though, just didnt get around to reading it all yet. But yeah, this movement is going to be taking some hit's and it is rolling across the US in all cities, including my own here in Dallas ... the master's will find some reason or another to block or suppress this movement any way they can, or have them protest/ voice in some place where no one can hear them for that matter, socially there is a war going on in America, I first got online 3.5 year's ago and started writing about it back then (I'm not a real writer though), before it yet materialized, so none of the shenanigan's that the major entities will pull, will suprise me.

Thanx for your update ....

Billie Greenwood said...

Hi Thomas and welcome to Border Explorer! Nice to have a fellow Texan like you drop by and leave a comment. Occupy El Paso is really heating up; there were several arrests a couple days ago. I'm on my way to rejoin the activist community there, after spending the last several months in Iowa.

Fran said...

I searched for an update & found this from the El Paso Times:

2. Occupy El Paso protesters leave San Jacinto Plaza; Christmas lights move in.

11/14/2011 - For now, Occupy El Paso has nowhere to occupy. The tents and signs have been removed from San Jacinto Plaza, and city workers have begun to put up Christmas lights.

So much for separation of church & state, and freedom of assembly.

Occupy Eugene Oregon has permission to camp in a city park till Dec 15. What then?