Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lomas del Poleo: Plight of the 99th percentile before the avarice of the top 1%

The documentary Colonia Perdita/Lost Colonia recounts the fate of the residents of Lomas del Poleo in their own words. Their neighborhood, located about 10 miles away (maybe less) teaches me that even the power of law cannot protect the vulnerable from the avarice of the top 1%.

Years ago, some of the poorest of the poor found remote desert land upon which they could legally settle, construct homes, small farms and gardens. They literally built a life for themselves atop a dry and rocky mesa outside Juarez.

Little did anyone envision NAFTA, maquiladoras (international factories) and the tyranny of unjust trade practices that would push the poor further down while raising up the rich of North America.

The wasteland of Lomas del Poleo, now lying directly on the path of a proposed international highway, exponentially grew in value overnight. And, just as suddenly, one of the richest families in all of Mexico "realized" that they owned that land.

As in the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, these economic giants ruthlessly robbed the peasants of everything, stopping at nothing to accomplish the depopulation of Lomas del Poleo. (Really. I'm not exaggerating.)

This short documentary broadcasts the voices of those who experience the fate of the 99th percentile--crushed under the boot of the 1%.

FEATURE VIDEO: Colonia Perdida / Lost Colonia from Notes from the Margins on Vimeo.

Their story is our story. The wise will recognize it. The foolish will pursue more entertaining topics and activities until they themselves--or their children--fall and are crushed by the avarice of the 1%.


dj Goddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio said...

Wow, so happy to have found this post and you! Excellent information and thank you for sharing.

One Fly said...

I don't know quite what to say. How hard does the boot here have to crush you before you say no more. Here again the 1% has the power plus they cheat and most important and no one ever says it because it's not polite or what ever the hell it is - the dirty bastards kill. And it's the damn truth. Our side does not kill and they think nothing of doing so. Told to do here the badges who carry guns will do the same. Many will be harmed before power can be wrestled from the 1% if ever.

fan of Gaia said...

I didn't watch the whole film. This looks like the action of a Medieval king toward his hapless peasants. If there is a special place in Hell, these rich families who perpetrated this crime should fit in quite nicely.

Billie Greenwood said...

Thanks much to you all for your comments. Welcome, dj Godessa! One Fly, you aren't exaggerating either. I know they could kill me, you or anyone they decide to...if and whenever they want to. The rich stick together across the border. And if they "make a deal with you," you better accept it. Gaia, I do believe I ought to start believing in hell again. Good idea! Thanks for taking the time to view the movie, too.