Sunday, January 29, 2012

24 Hours for the DREAM Act--Monday, January 30

A Facebook event rallies all pro-immigration reform activists to lobby Congress for passage of a viable DREAM Act. Organizers urge citizens to continue to agitate for the passage of this necesary bill by focusing efforts on phone calls to the federal legislature on Monday, January 30.
From the Facebook event page:

3 Reasons Why We Need To Call This Monday:

1. You need to rally behind President Obama’s call for an inclusive DREAM Act.
2. You need to keep the pressure on Congress to do their part in forwarding the bill.
3. You will not compromise and accept a military-only option DREAM Act bill.

5 Steps To Participate:

1. Call your 2 state Senators and the Congressional representative from your district.

2. E-mail your Senators and Congressional representatives.

3. Let them know that “Just like President Obama, I am a supporter of a DREAM Act that includes an education component. This bill will allow for undocumented youth to fix their status by serving this country in the armed services, go to college, in addition to allowing for them to return the investment our country has made in them. Please have the member support the dream act.” The House bill is HR 1842 and the Senate bill is S 952.

4. You can get the phone numbers and e-mails here and here. The U.S. Capitol switchboard is 202-244-3121.

5. Feel free to call other Senators and representatives. Be respectful.

6. Take 3 more minutes and call ICE and help stop the deportation of Yenelli Hernandez Serrano (A#205.012.525)

Call ICE – John Morton @ 202-732-3000

Sample Script: “Hello I am calling to ask that Yanelli Hernadez Serrano (A# 205.012.525) be allowed to stay in the U.S. where she needs treatment. Yanelli is suffering from depression, has attempted to take her own life twice and should not be deported. This is wrong.”

7. Send us an email to: Let us know how the calls went. We can use that information to know who was receptive and who wasn't, who to target, who to support.

3 More Things You Can Do To Help:

1. Invite 3 more friends to this event
2. Share this event on your profile with a personal message.
3. If you're on Twitter, Tweet it
Call Congress Monday, January 30 to promote the #DREAMAct
CALL today: 24 Hours for the #DREAMAct #DREAMers

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