Thursday, January 5, 2012

Learn how to Break ICE's Hold on Your County: Stopping Deportations webinar

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A webinar providing information on how to stop a local community from implementing Secure Communities (S-Comm) is scheduled for Monday, January 9th, at 3:30 p.m. EST /12:30 p.m. PST. The program is produced by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, the National Day Laborers Organizing Network, the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. The webinar will last 1.5 hours.

The groups promise that it will be "a great kick-off call for the new year." Their objective is to keep families together and eliminate what they call "harmful, counterproductive immigration enforcement policies" in local communities.

The webinar is free. All are welcome to participate, but registration is required. To register, visit this website. Space is limited, so early registration is advised.

Prior knowledge and understanding of the S.Comm toolkit (available online here) will facilitate a productive call. The goal of the webinar is to give participants concrete tools to launch their own campaigns to demand their city or state stop turning people over to ICE.

A movement has grown in recent years against immigration deportation programs like Secure Communities (S-Comm) that blur the roles of local police and ICE agents. Local campaigns across the country demanded an "opt out" to the federal government's disastrous Secure Communities program. This caused the Federal Government to shift strategies and move to unilaterally impose the program. 

During this time, undocumented youth across the country have waged Education Not Deportation ('END') campaigns to stop the deportation of DREAM Act eligible individuals. This similarly calls attention to the Obama Administration's deportation dragnet and draconian enforcement policies. By leveraging existing opposition to S-Comm coupled with the victories of the END campaigns, immigration advocates believe that the movement is perfectly positioned to enact a new generation of policies on the county and state levels that undermine the poli-migra and deportation machinery. Stopping ICE holds is their first goal. 

Local police do not have to honor immigration detainers, according to information the groups provide. Thus, communities can encourage local police to keep communities and families united by not participating. 

Urging local police to treat immigration detainers differently is the new 'opt out' effort.

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