Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Save Allen Okere. He will be killed if deported to Nigeria; ICE wants him out.

Allen Okere
Here on the border I meet people whose lives are in danger, people who must live in hiding. Today you have the chance to prevent this from happening to an honor roll student who attends university in Washington State.

This video is quick. And powerful.

That was Allen. Bad legal counsel could cost him his life...a life he's eager to give in service to a better world.

Tonight we learned that he has to deliver his documents to ICE tomorrow. Activists will also deliver a petition to ICE, asking that his deportation be reconsidered. 

Sign the petition. Please share it widely.

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One Fly said...

Done deal. Baggers don't want guvmint in their lives but you can bet they're just fine with this.

Situations like this which there are so many of would be handled much better with the right leadership which none of these clowns bring to the table.