Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuscon shootings--January 8, one year later: What You Can Do.

Here in the Southwest--not many miles from Tucson, AZ, we felt the impact of the shootings on January 8, 2011 keenly. As it is for the survivors who bravely share their experiences in this video produced by Fix Gun Checks (below), it is still emotional for me to recall those days last year. This short video makes it real:

Tuscon survivor Patricia Maisch says:  "No one should have to endure the sorrow of having a loved one murdered with a gun. My hope is that positive actions can come of this tragic anniversary and that people will renew their resolve to never let this happen again."

What can you do to remember? to prevent another--or a worse--massacre?

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Several cities plan vigils for January 8. See if yours does HERE. Attend it. 
Send a message of support to victims and survivors of the massacre HERE.  
Sign the petition to prevent illegal gun sales HERE
"Like" Fix Gun Checks on Facebook to stay updated with their work.
 Donate to the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group. Sign up for their email list. Subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Illegal guns make us all unsafe.

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