Sunday, February 26, 2012

El Paso Farmworkers announce annual Chavez march

El Paso Farmworkers announce their annual march to honor Cesar Chavez is scheduled for March 31. Participants will meet at the Farmworker Center, 201 East Ninth Avenue. The colorful event will pass through the streets of downtown El Paso, featuring music, banners, drumming, chanting and costumes.

For more information, contact Carlos Marentes at Sin Fronteras.


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Billie

People always talk of the importance of Immigrant Engineers, Scientists and Inventors, and do not realize that Immigrant Farmworkers are also important and Human, and that they deserve respect and affection.


VIDEO : CNN : President Obama will Win in a Landslide with a lot of help from Latinos Says Charles Garcia ( Big Financier Banker, Rich Money Man ), Christine Romans, business correspondent and anchor for CNN

Obama is doing everything right, 84% of registered Latino Voters go to vote.

This strange rich man is a "turncoat" from Strong Bush Republican to Strong Obama Supporter. Money Manager Charles Garcia is based in Florida, a friend of Jeb Bush and George W. Bush, he raised a lot of funds and moneys for the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush, Charles Garcia is considered one of the Top Hispanic Men in Business.

Charles Patrick GarcĂ­a (born 1961) had recently started Garcia Trujillo LLC, a consulting, merchant banking, and venture capital firm where he is the Chief Executive Officer. He also publishes many books on leadership, motivation and going into Business.

Obama could even lose Florida and Ohio and get reelected.

Arizona and Missouri could be flipped to Blue ( Democrat Party ) - These six states : Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico and North Carolina are very possible for Obama.

Republican Candidates are pandering to extremists and Tea Party and will be rejected on general election time by Latinos.

President Obama Wins in a Landslide Because of Latinos Says Charles Garcia

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President Obama Wins in a Landslide Because of Latinos Says Charles Garcia

Billie Greenwood said...

Well said, Vicente! Thanks for updating this post with a collection of related materials.