Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sending jobs and labor rights abroad: Apple, Michael Daisey and Juarez, Mexico

In the context of "This American Life"'s abject retraction last week of their confidence of the validity of the facts underpinning their Michael Daisey show, I review the subject of outsourcing jobs.

Apple's carelessness regarding Apple Foxconn in China is the topic of Michael Daisey's show. Does this relate to the U.S.-Mexico border? Certainly. Juarez, Mexico's running murder total of 10,000+ victims is not unrelated to the fact that the U.S. outsourced jobs here heavily, particularly with the onset of NAFTA. Maquiladora (international) plant positions drew thousands of the newly unemployed farmers that NAFTA conveniently created.

As author Charles Bowden termed it, Juarez, Mexico became a "laboratory of our future." When China could do the jobs cheaper, Juarez bid "adios" to positions that flew across the Pacific from Mexico to Asia.

When we export jobs, we need to export corresponding labor rights to support those jobs.


Suzan said...

Thanks, Billie!

But how do we get this word out to a population so stupified that it believes the Rethugs have any answers to offer about a different and better future at all?

Love ya!


Jan said...

Depressing, esp. since I have an Ipod!

Billie Greenwood said...

Wow, thanks both of you for commenting--Suzan and Jan. I have an iPod, too, so I'm real concerned about this. I visited an international factory in Mexico about 5 years ago. It was not a comfortable experience for me at all. We had to promise not to take any photos in order to get in.