Friday, August 31, 2012

Immigrants: Blood of our blood dream, of our nation--Wisconsin Sikh Temple message

Amardeep Kaleka, son of the Sikh Temple president who died trying to save his community from the attack by white supremacist Wade Page, created this beautiful video/poem and posted it last night. He asks us all to share the link as far and wide as we possibly can. After all the awful theater of these last nights in Tampa, this shows again where the real font of humanity and hope truly lies. "This is our country; this is our blood, and this is our dream."

Amardeep's message:

"Thank you all for your support. In this great hour of need - we appreciate the sentiments and empathy. When people have been hugging me and sharing their beautiful touch, I keep whispering, 'let's make this a better place'. This would be appropriate to say here on this wall. As a team, we can end violence and hate. At some point - good people have to stand up and shepherd this civilization to a better, more open and broad minded situation. You guys are those angels - you are the good people! And for that - my family and I thank you! Hope to see you soon face to face.

"Please share and share and share..."

~reprinted with deep gratitude to my Facebook friend, Wisconsonite Margaret Swedish

Photo credit: from "We Are Sikhs"

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Barbara Mcpherson said...

A message that needs to be told again and again.