Monday, August 13, 2012

Caravan for Peace in the Mexico Drug War Launches Tour across United States

Survivors of the dead in the Mexican drug war, an internal conflict that has claimed dozens of thousands of lives, have launched a caravan across the United States to call for an end of the violence. Led by Mexican activist, the noted poet Javier Sicilia--himself the father of a beloved son claimed by death in a brutal and senseless slaying--the caravan will draw attention to the real survivors and the real victims.

Erin Siegal, author and journalist experienced with Central American issues, generously shared with this blog some of her powerful images from the launch of the caravan. From the press conference in Tijuana to the crossing into San Diego, Siegal is present and traveling with the caravan, committed to communicating this important witness to the (perhaps largely unaware?) public in the U.S. The slideshow of images tops this post. Enlarge it for best viewing.

The caravan's objective is to raise awareness to the root causes of the violence in Mexico and to point out that both nations are involved in those causes. They demand the damages caused by the current militarized "security" approach to the situation cease. The caravan calls instead for new policies that promote peace, justice, and human dignity on both sides of the border.

The caravan is scheduled to arrive August 20 in El Paso.

This short video produced by communicates Sicilia's remarks to the press at the event:

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