Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DREAMer to address DNC tonight

Tonight, in a televised primetime address, DREAMer Benita Veliz will take the stage at the Democratic National Convention and briefly share her story with millions of Americans. Benita is the first undocumented person to ever speak before a national political convention.

Photo credit: Latinovations
America's Voice reports that Veliz will appear in the 9:00 pm hour (Eastern).

Benita is an suitably inspiring young woman. She immigrated to Texas from Mexico when she was just eight years old. After graduating high school two years early as class valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar, she went on to attend St. Mary’s University on a full scholarship.

But despite her accomplishments, Benita Veliz was almost deported after neglecting to make a complete stop at a stop sign. But Benita fought back. She organized. With the help of her community, she convinced officials at the Department of Homeland Security to reverse their decision and allow her to remain in the country she considers home.

Benita Veliz's presence on the stage tonight is a testament to the real political power of the DREAMers. A decade of mobilization and working together has nearly accomplished the passage of a DREAM Act. This national appearance of a youth who is undocumented and unafraid is a step toward that passage.

You can tune in at 9 PM tonight (EDT) this evening at this link to watch Benita.