Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DREAMer to address DNC tonight

Tonight, in a televised primetime address, DREAMer Benita Veliz will take the stage at the Democratic National Convention and briefly share her story with millions of Americans. Benita is the first undocumented person to ever speak before a national political convention.

Photo credit: Latinovations
America's Voice reports that Veliz will appear in the 9:00 pm hour (Eastern).

Benita is an suitably inspiring young woman. She immigrated to Texas from Mexico when she was just eight years old. After graduating high school two years early as class valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar, she went on to attend St. Mary’s University on a full scholarship.

But despite her accomplishments, Benita Veliz was almost deported after neglecting to make a complete stop at a stop sign. But Benita fought back. She organized. With the help of her community, she convinced officials at the Department of Homeland Security to reverse their decision and allow her to remain in the country she considers home.

Benita Veliz's presence on the stage tonight is a testament to the real political power of the DREAMers. A decade of mobilization and working together has nearly accomplished the passage of a DREAM Act. This national appearance of a youth who is undocumented and unafraid is a step toward that passage.

You can tune in at 9 PM tonight (EDT) this evening at this link to watch Benita.


Jan said...

So glad you wrote about her!

Vicente Duque said...

The Hill : Weekly tracking poll from Latino Decisions : Obama jumped from the 65-26 percent advantage he held six weeks ago among Latino Voters to a record mark of 73-21 percent lead over Mitt Romney - The new 52-point margin

The Failure of the Racist Plutocracy and Social Darwinism that Romney and Ryan are offering for America among Latino Voters. This happens as they become knowledgeable of the Romney Hypocrisy of pandering to Latinos at the same time that he wants to kick 12 million Latinos out of the USA by the most despicable method of "Self-Deportation".

Mitt Romney has also said that "Arizona is a model for the nation" in the treatment of Latinos. And that he would repeal the "DREAM ACT" that favors people that were brought to the USA as Children and know no other nation and probably no other language different from English.

And has been in bed with the worst racists of America that are his supporters or part of his campaign : Jan Brewer, Pete Wilson, Kris Kobach, Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce and the most Racist ( Republican ) Elements of the U. S. Congress.

There was never a U. S. Politician so much disliked by the Latino Voters.

The Hill
Poll: Obama's lead with Latinos jumping to historic high
By Cameron Joseph
October 1, 2012

Some excerpts :

President Obama holds a 73-21 percent lead over Mitt Romney among Latino voters, a new high-water mark for the president.

The new 52-point margin represents a high watermark for Obama in the weekly tracking poll from Latino Decisions, and is a significant jump from the 65-26 percent advantage he held six weeks ago.

Romney has failed to make inroads despite a push at the GOP convention to highlight Hispanic Republicans, while Latino voters who have tuned in during the period shortly before and since the conventions have mostly gravitated towards Obama.

Obama is polling a higher percentage in the poll than the 67 percent of the Latino vote he won four years ago, when GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) won 31 percent, according to exit polls.

Romney himself said at a private fundraiser earlier this year that his campaign was "doomed" if it couldn't make inroads with Hispanic voters, who make up a significant — and fast-growing — chunk of the population in key swing states including Florida, Nevada and Colorado.


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : Barack Obama vs Dora the explorer Yes we can! - Dora the Explorer and monkey friend sing with President Obama : "Come on Vamonos, everybody let's go, Come on let's do it, I know we can do it, Yes we can do it, Come on, let's do it, Yes we can !"

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Barack Obama vs Dora the explorer Yes we can!