Friday, February 17, 2017

Why not call out the National Guard on undocumented immigrants?

Round 'em up and throw 'em out? What could possibly be wrong with THAT?

A leaked memo, published by the Associated Press, has ignited more Trump Administration controversy this afternoon. It purports to show that there's consideration afoot for using 100,000 National Guardsmen to round up undocumented immigrants. The administration has denied the report accuracy; Press Secretary Spicer called it 100% false.

Suppose it's true? What'd be wrong with that? Plenty!

For starters, that approach would: 

  • strip children of procedural protections, 
  • disregard the fact that many new arrivals are seeking protection here, and 
  • require DHS officers to detain nearly everyone they apprehend, with very little discretion to release them, even for humanitarian reasons. 

For the first time, people throughout the country – not just those at the border – would be subjected to expedited deportation without going before a judge. 

It also envisions calling up State National Guards to join in these roundup efforts. That has distasteful connotations for those with a knowledge of history (20th Century history!).

These kinds of policies do not accurately reflect American values. So far, the Trump Administration’s policies appear to be CEO-like to me.They are punitive, impractical, and will simply tear apart local communities. Don't exclude the destabilizization the economy. They pander to fear and ignorance and inflame both. 

I volunteer daily in a place that works hard to promote love and care for migrants. They educate about human rights regularly. Let's promote policies that respect the dignity of all individuals. We need to capitalize on the power and innovation that immigration brings to our country--before it's too late.


One Fly said...

Of course it's true - it just hadn't made to a signing.

All those things you say so well - yes of course.

Opposite unfortunately from the despots calling the shots at this time.

Billie Greenwood said...

Oh, it's desperately sad. Tragic.

I can't stop decrying it, One.

Thanks for listening.

Barbara Mcpherson said...

Do Americans have to carry "papers" now like the citizens of Germany during the Third Reich? I don't carry proof of citizenship when I go to the local food store or out for a walk and I'll bet that most children would say "Huh" if asked for proof of citizenship.

Billie Greenwood said...

Technically citizens shouldn't have to carry papers (I don't think). Surely children don't normally. It's common to present identification when stopped by police (driving license) and for banking. HOWEVER, any foreign born nationals and other non-citizens are being privately advised to have identification on them all the time these days. Double standards.